Dr. Reagan Celebrates 25 years

modern dentistry

This year I will celebrate 25 years of work in the dental profession. Over the years there have been many exciting developments. Dentistry has never been a job for me, it is a passion, and I still love it!

In 2016 my dental career changed again when our Invisalign representative suggested I include their training in my continuing education schedule. Since then I have been on a journey that has certainly changed what I can do to help my patients. I consider myself a lifelong learner “junkie.” Learning something new such as this opened my eyes to another world of dental technology and the possibilities for those who have entrusted their dental care to me.

modern dentistry

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Dangers of Buying Aligners Online

online aligner dangers

Buyers Beware!

In recent months, more and more companies have been coming online to promote new clear aligners to straighten your teeth. In theory this sounds like a great idea, but buyers beware!

The research currently shows that these aligners are not yet efficient and will require more updates before being truly accurate. In fact, at this moment, these new styles of aligner hold close to a 75% failure rate, which means instead of actually straightening and aligning your teeth and improving your bite, it could make it worse!

online aligner dangers
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Words from Our Patients

Check out this great review from one of our patients!

“Dr. Reagan and his staff are such a great bunch of people! They are passionate about what they do and care about patient health. Absolutely exceeded my expectations… and I’ll be back tomorrow! Thank you!” ~Dawn W.

Dr. Reagan and the Family Dentistry of Neosho team are so grateful for these kind words. We strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere and to always exceed expectations! We are in the business of healthy teeth and truly care about each smile! 🙂

If you would like to leave us a review, simply go to our Google+ page by clicking HERE and leaving your comments. We appreciate it!

Invisalign® Now Available at Family Dentistry of Neosho

Have you ever thought about straightening your teeth without the hassle of metal braces? Family Dentistry of Neosho now offers Invisalign, which is a clear alternative to traditional metal braces!

Invisalign from a dentist you trust!

Dr. Reagan is now certified to recommend and give Invisalign treatment to our patients. With Invisalign, you will go through several sets of aligners to help shift your teeth into the planned alignment. As with any treatment, the required time, cost of Invisalign, and actual treatment varies and is unique to each individual.

Schedule your Invisalign consultation with Dr. Reagan today to find out if Invisalign is the right treatment for you! Call us at (417) 451-2403 or fill out our online contact form!

Touchdown Smiles Contest!

Touchdown Smiles Contest!
We want to see your beautiful football smiles cheering on your favorite team! Enter the Family Dentistry Touchdown Smiles Contest and win the ultimate football fan gift basket filled with all you need for your next game!
Here’s how:
1. Take a picture of you, your family, or your friends supporting your favorite football team in your football gear – make sure to show off that smile!
2. Post the picture to our Facebook page and tag #NeoshoSmiles
3. Post the picture to Instagram for an extra entry and tag @FamilyDentistryNeosho
Good luck to you and your teams!

February is Children’s Dental Health Month!

Family Dentistry of Neosho loves the month of February because it is Children’s Dental Health Month! We believe it is important to educate kids on why it is important to take good care of their teeth and teach them good dental health habits.


Here are some dental health tips you should always follow:

1. Take your children in for their first dental visit at their first birthday.
2. Encourage them to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day.
3. Visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning & exam after the initial visit.
4. Avoid giving kids sugary snacks and help them maintain a balanced diet to keep their teeth healthy!

Words From Our Patients

Check out this amazing quote!
I had an amazing first experience at the office today! Everyone was extremely nice and helped to calm my nerves! Looking forward to getting my teeth healthy with you all! Thank you for taking your time with me and making me feel special!
-Melissa F.

Words From Our Patients



My 4-year-old daughter went to the dentist for the first time today, and the staff and Dr. Reagan were absolutely amazing with her. They made her very comfortable and were very patient with her. My husband and I have appointments coming up! Amazing crew here!
-Monica F.