The Family Dentistry of Neosho Journey

A Note from Dr. Reagan:

Over a period of years practicing dentistry, one of the many things people have asked me is, “How do you do it?”.

The simple answer is that I love what I do! A wise dentist years ago said, “Be kind, fair, and accessible to your dental family and you will be busy!” This very advice has been a cornerstone to our practice.

When you walk through the doors of Family Dentistry of Neosho, you can immediately feel something soothing about this place. Perhaps it comes from the warm smile that greeted you or the clean feeling you leave with.

Many who know us here at our office also know that we have many interests outside of dentistry. So, it is my goal in 2016 to share those interests throughout the year mixed in with the “tooth” info. Come with us on this new journey at Family Dentistry!