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Dental Implants Leave You All Smiles

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Dr Reagan talks about how dental implants preserve your bone

Long-Lasting, Natural-Looking Replacement Teeth

When you’re missing teeth or have severely decayed teeth, eating, speaking, and other daily activities that we take for granted can become difficult. Social interactions can also be awkward and cause stress. Dental implants provide a permanent solution that boosts your confidence, your appearance, and enables you to function normally again. It’s no wonder they’re today’s preferred choice for replacing one decayed tooth or even an entire set of missing teeth. At Family Dentistry of Neosho, all aspects of dental implant placement, from initial consultation to the procedure to follow-up care, are handled by our in-house family in Neosho, MO. You’re not a patient to us, you’re a partner in preserving your own dental health. We offer everything you need under one roof.

Trusted Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are screw-like devices that act as the root of a new artificial tooth. Guided by technology that facilitates precise placement and by his extensive training, Dr. Jon Reagan places your implants in your jawbone in the area of the missing or extracted tooth. If necessary, our team is able to offer tooth extractions and bone grafting treatments in order to help you qualify for implant placement. Once the implant site heals, Dr. Reagan tops the implant with a crown that looks so much like a natural tooth no one will know the difference, and even you may forget! The unique design of the dental implants we use allows for unmatched stability and aesthetics, so expect top-quality performance and lasting beauty. Count on Dr. Reagan to take the greatest care in giving you customized new teeth that fit your mouth perfectly, blend flawlessly with the surrounding teeth, and improve your self-image.

Jenkins Dental Neosho, MO

The Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Enjoy permanent, natural-looking replacement teeth
  • Eat your favorite foods without difficulty
  • Speak without embarrassment
  • Reclaim your facial aesthetics
  • Keep your adjoining teeth healthy
  • Smile with absolute confidence

The Complete Dental Implants Experience

Dental implant placement sometimes requires related procedures, depending on your current state of oral health. We can generally perform tooth extractions during the same visit to our Neosho, MO office. If you’ve suffered bone loss in your jaw, your jawbone will need to be rebuilt before it can support dental implants. With bone grafting, we remove a small piece of bone from another part of your body or a donor source and place it in the area of the bone loss. This eventually becomes a permanent part of your jaw and restores it to a condition that allows the doctor to perform your dental implant restoration. From tooth extractions to final restorations, we’re here to give you a convenient, comfortable and comprehensive dental implant experience.

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