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The breadth of dental services we offer here at Family Dentistry of Neosho enables us to offer care to your entire family for virtually any dental health issue. From the youngest age to the adult years, and through all of your evolving needs, you can get all the routine exams, cleanings, treatments, and other services you need right here. Our dentists have undergone extensive training in a variety of essential dental services from prestigious organizations including The Dawson Academy, and can provide them all in the convenience of a single Neosho, MO location.

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As a graduate from The Dawson Academy, Dr. Jon Reagan understands that teeth grinding can be sign of larger and/or future conditions. A common symptom of temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD, clenching or grinding your teeth (bruxism), can also cause you to wear down the enamel on your teeth, develop cavities and lose complete function. We offer treatment to remedy these symptoms and protect you from developing TMD.

Sometimes your bite doesn’t feel right because your bottom teeth aren’t aligned with your top teeth. This can lead to difficulty eating and even smiling. When your teeth are misaligned some of them will sustain a disproportionately higher amount of pressure each time you take a bite, which can result in those teeth cracking or getting worn down. We can smooth out your teeth to realign your bite!

Nitrous oxide, often called “laughing gas,” is our sedation option of choice here at Family Dentistry of Neosho. It has the distinct advantage of keeping you awake so that we may communicate with you during your procedure, but also keeping you completely calm. Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask, and works rapidly, but its effects also disappear quickly once the mask is removed, so you can drive home without concern.

With scaling, our team uses ultra-fine dental instruments to access areas underneath your gumline and gently remove bacteria and warning signs of infection. During root planing, we’ll get rid of any plaque or tartar buildup, then smooth out your tooth roots to allow the affected gum tissue to become reattached to the tooth. Smoother root surfaces are less conducive to bacteria growth, since there are no areas where microorganisms can embed themselves.

This is a type of soft tissue treatment during which we remove diseased gum tissue to prevent the spread of infection caused by gum disease, saving you money and time on more sophisticated restorative procedures later. Gingivectomies can also improve your tooth-to-gum ratio, balancing out your “gummy smile.”

With sleep apnea, the soft tissues of your tongue, soft palate, and neck press against your windpipe while you sleep. When your airway is obstructed, you can stop breathing many times during the night. With this poor quality of sleep, you can suffer daytime tiredness and a slew of serious systemic health issues. Using a treatment philosophy initially developed by The Dawson Academy, we can fit you with a mouth guard that will move your jaw slightly forward, preventing airway blockage and enabling you to get a good night’s sleep.

With air abrasion, we use a special powder propelled by a tiny jet of air to remove decay from your teeth. It’s a minimally invasive alternative to metal instruments that enables us to erase decay without numbing the site. By removing decay at an early stage, we’re also able to prevent its spread and the more extensive damage that deeper decay can cause.

We offer custom, professional-grade and long-lasting teeth whitening services. Used for both orthodontics treatment and teeth whitening, we can also use Invisalign® clear aligners to both straighten and brighten your smile!

Dentures provide tremendous value. While these replacement teeth tended to be ill-fitting and artificial-looking in days gone by, now you can get them in styles that appear more natural and fit more comfortably. A cost-effective option, traditional dentures are easily removed for cleaning and sleeping, and can enhance your appearance and your outlook on life.

When you develop cavities or tooth decay, we can restore your teeth with composite fillings, which we can color-match to your teeth for a completely natural appearance. If you have old, unsightly silver fillings, we can remove them, clean the teeth thoroughly, then replace them with matching composite fillings.

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