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Eliminate the Everyday Worries of Traditional Dentures

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Implant Supported Dentures: The Secure Option

Most people with traditional dentures share the same fear: You’re speaking with colleagues, clients, or friends when your dentures slip—and they definitely saw it. While dentures go back into place easily enough, it’s not so easy to overcome the embarrassment of revealing your secret. Dentures are a good substitute for your missing teeth, most of the time allowing you to eat, speak, and perform other normal activities, but that doesn’t mean you want other people to know about them. Removable dentures can be prone to slippage. What’s more, wearing them can result in problems including gum irritation and even some infections. And while removing dentures enables you to clean them, putting them back into your mouth can be a messy affair. Adhesives can be hard to work with and don’t always provide a reliable hold. Implant supported dentures are different. They’re a permanent solution that doesn’t irritate your mouth or require those messy adhesives. With your new implant supported dentures, custom-fitted by our in-house experts at Family Dentistry of Neosho, you’ll never have to worry about those issues again!

A Spectacular Smile the Very Same Day

Dr. Jon Reagan has extensive training and experience in placing implant supported dentures. When you come for a consultation, he’ll listen to your concerns like a close friend. If he determines that you’re a strong candidate for implant supported dentures, he’ll develop a customized treatment plan that will enable him to closely match and fit your implant supported dentures comfortably with any remaining teeth you may have. On a follow-up visit, he’ll place your dental implants using high-precision guided technology, then fit you with a set of temporary dentures that will enable you to resume normal activities that same day. You’ll return to our Neosho, MO office at a later date to have your permanent dentures placed and begin enjoying a lifetime of benefits almost immediately.

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Dr. Reagan explains how implants can be the solution in stabilizing your denture

All Associated Services Are Offered Right Here

We provide all aspects of your family’s dental care in one convenient location, so if you need any additional procedures associated with dental implant placement, you don’t need to go anywhere else! Dental implants require a solid, healthy jawbone as their foundation. When jawbone deterioration prevents you from getting implants, we can restore the bone through bone grafting, which involves taking some bone from another part of your body or a donor source and placing it in the area of the decay. Should you require tooth extractions to make room for your dental implants, we can usually complete those during the same visit to our Neosho, MO office.

The Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

  • Show your smile again
  • Eat and speak with full confidence
  • Enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking tooth replacements
  • Keep your entire mouth healthy
  • Feel the comfort of a custom fit
  • Stop buying adhesives

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