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Dr. Reagan explains how TMJ affects your jaw, joints and muscles

The Complete Perspective You Need

Jaw or facial pain, frequent headaches and teeth grinding (bruxism) can all be due to one thing: Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMD. As a graduate from The Dawson Academy, Dr. Jon Reagan takes a unique approach to treating your oral health and your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Instead of seeing your symptoms as localized, he understands that each piece of your oral health, your jaw, your TMJ, and your teeth interact as parts of a whole. In order to offer a truly custom and lasting treatment plan, Dr. Reagan, and our team, first discover what the root of your issue is in order to offer predictable treatment and restore your oral function and your smile. Dr. Anna Nine is certified for the treatment of TMJ, as well as botox treatments used to alleviate pain associated with TMJ.

TMJ Disorder Explained

TMJ disorder often occurs when you’re grinding your teeth, your jaw muscles are stressed (which can indicate that you are stressed), or your teeth are out of alignment. As a result, you can experience face or jaw pain, neck or shoulder pain, frequent and severe headaches or migraines, lockjaw or difficulty moving your jaw, in addition to the jaw clicking and popping mostly commonly associated with TMD. You can even experience ringing in your ears. With the broad experience of our team in handling these issues, we can effectively identify and remedy your symptoms with a variety of TMJ treatments right here in one convenient Neosho, MO office.

Our TMJ Treatment Options

Before we choose a specific course of TMJ treatment for you, we first try to determine the cause of your problems during a consultation in our Neosho, MO office. This can include assessing your current stress level and the overall condition of your dental health. From there, we’ll develop a TMJ treatment plan that may include any or a combination of the following:

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We can custom-fit a mouth guard for you to alleviate a host of TMJ symptoms. Mouth guards can stop your teeth grinding, cause your jaw to relax, and realign your teeth.

You might think BOTOX injections are only for improving facial aesthetics. Since BOTOX works by temporarily paralyzing your facial muscles, it can decrease repetitive jaw movements that may cause your jaw pain and headaches.

Invisalign can straighten and realign your teeth and reduce strain on your joints and muscles via discreet, transparent braces.

Seek TMD relief from a dentist who considers the big picture.