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Want to know what to expect on your first visit to Family Dentistry of Neosho? Plan to be with us for one and a half hours during this first visit. You will bring your completed new patient forms; we will also have a bit of additional paperwork when you arrive. We will become acquainted with you, discover what your dental goals or concerns are and begin the diagnostic process. This will usually involve x-rays and a general oral examination. You will receive oral hygiene instruction, but we will not clean your teeth on the first visit; rather, we will provide a thorough evaluation to outline any existing problems and proposed treatment options to address them. We will also collect all vital information to tailor your time with the hygienist. We recognize that good dental care is a lifelong commitment and we are “in it for the long haul!” This first appointment will hopefully establish a partnership based on great communication and mutual trust. Working together, we can keep your smile beautiful and your teeth, gums and jaw joints healthy for life!

Your scheduled appointment time has been reserved just for you. If you should need to reschedule your appointment, please give our office a 24-hour notice. Obviously there are rare occasions when you may need to miss an appointment and we certainly understand that; however, if you miss a second appointment without giving us a 24-hour notice, we may have to charge an additional fee. Please print the two new patient forms, fill them out and bring them to your first appointment. We appreciate your help as we provide you with prompt service. If you have any questions, please call us at (417) 451-2403 and we will be happy to help you. 

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