Belize 2019

The 25th Anniversary of the NBMM and our 11th year in Belize did not disappoint in multiple ways. It was a smaller, but mighty team this year. We all kicked in and over the course of the hotter than usual week we say almost 1,100 patients and 265 dental patients. Our dental team had been together previous years so all knew how to be efficient. We set up our clinics in schools that are out for the summer and each room had a different part of the clinic. Dental is one of the last to see the patients as they come through the clinic. We worked long hours every day in conditions most could not. Let’s just say there was no air conditioning, 106 degree days with 100% humidity. We made it!!

The day before we leave each year, is a fun day and this year a group of us went zip lining and cave tubing. That was a blast!! We stopped at a place called Cheers and had the best brownie and cinnamon roll ever. While we were there we noticed t-shirts from all over the world hanging everywhere in Cheers. Not to be outdone, one from our group donated her “Neosho Smiles” t-shirt and we all signed it. Today it is proudly hanging in Cheers! You just never know where a Neosho Smiles t-shirt will pop up!

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February is Dental Health Month for Kids!

National Dental Health Month

At Family Dentistry of Neosho, we are passionate about oral health and the care of your smile.  We believe the best way to ensure a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles is through proper oral hygiene and preventative dentistry from a young age.

National Dental Health Month

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Suggests you take your child to the dentist by their first birthday?

Early Treatment

Early treatment helps ensure your child develops the proper oral hygiene habits to give them a lifetime of healthy smiles. The dentist office can be frightening for young children. Early dental visits help establish a dental “home” for kids where they can feel safe and comfortable while receiving the care they need. Early treatment gives your child a healthy relationship with their dentist and prevents stressful experiences later on. We believe that dental visits can be fun for kids, and we love getting to know our young patients as their smiles grow!


Another reason to begin taking your child to the dentist at a young age is that this allows us to practice preventative dentistry. This reduces the likelihood of more complicated and potentially painful procedures later on. At Family Dentistry of Neosho, we provide preventive treatment to treat tooth decay and oral habits that can harm teeth.

Healthy Smiles For Life

In honor of Dental Health Month, we encourage you to make a commitment to providing your child with the dental care they need for a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles. Early dental visits help your child learn good oral habits and develop a positive relationship with their dental team. Lets work together to remove the stigma and fear associated with dental offices. Lets create an experience that you and your child can enjoy for years and years to come.

Let us show you the difference our compassionate team can make in your family’s smiles.

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New Patient?

Want to know what to expect on your first visit to Family Dentistry of Neosho? Visit our website for info on Fees and Insurance as well as to find your new patient forms. We are happy to answer any questions. We encourage you to email us or call our team to discuss your concerns: (417) 451-2403

February 2016 Business & Employer of the Month


Dr. Reagan and the Family Dentistry of Neosho team were honored to receive the award for the February 2016 Business/Employer of the Month from the Business and Employer Appreciation Committee of the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce. Their team came by the office and presented us with a beautiful certificate and plaque!

We would like to thank our community for this amazing recognition and we are so lucky to be able to offer healthy smiles to the Neosho area.

Want to read our article from the Neosho Daily News? Click HERE to read more!

To get more information on the Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce, you can visit their website or follow them on their Facebook page.


february employer of the month

february business of the month