We Offer CEREC Technology!

CEREC Technology neosho mo

For the past six years I have had the opportunity to be a CEREC mentor. Let me explain. Technology in the Dental field is always changing for the better. CEREC is one of those technologies. Many of you will recognize it as dental CAD/CAM.

CEREC Technology neosho mo

Our office celebrates having this available to our clients, now for 10 years! When the leading dental continuing education program in the nation for CEREC asked if I wanted to help others learn the software in sunny Scottsdale, AZ, mmmm . . . . . I said YES! Just a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to mentor a new group of dentists. This has been a rewarding experience. The upside to teaching is I always learn something, too. When you hear, “you are never too old to learn something new” I think of those dentists learning and beginning to master this software.

February is National Dental Health Month

National Dental Health Month

For most of us in the dental profession, we enjoy this time of year. National Dental Health Month (NDHM) is a time set aside to be out in the community and schools. This year we adopted a Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten class. These children were unafraid and asked all kinds of questions about their teeth. They answered a few as well.

We counted the 20 primary teeth that four and five year olds should have. As a group, they made me smile for sure. Parents, be sure to test the Dental IQ of your four, five and six year olds. They are sure to give you a laugh!

National Dental Health Month
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North Belize Medical Mission 2016

Dr. Reagan had a fantastic trip to Belize this year! Read below for his blog about his experience on the 2016 medical mission.


This year, 2016, was our 8th year to return to Belize with The North Belize Medical Mission. Like all the previous years this one didn’t disappoint. We treated over 1,000 patients – we were very busy! We continued our sealant program bringing it to another village. We can tell we are on the right track. This year on our last day we did no extractions, only restorations. A few years ago extractions were the only game in town. If it hurt, they wanted it out!
The other big event was we met a local Dentist. So now we have a friend that can help with keeping an eye on those we see over the course of the week we are down there. Each year we grow more connected with our Belizean family. The relationships we have formed over the last 8 years have been life changing for my family.
As a dad, it was really a proud dad moment when you see one daughter helping the surgeon sew someone’s hand back up and hearing the other having a conversation in Spanish. That’s blessed!!

Welcome Dr. Anna Nine!

Andrea Mehrens, Registered Dental Assistant - Family Dentistry of Neosho - Neosho, MO

The Family Dentistry of Neosho team is excited to welcome Dr. Anna Nine to our team!

Originally from Neosho, Dr. Anna Nine completed her bachelor’s degree of biology at Missouri Southern State University. Through a combination of personal goals and guidance from the faculty at MSSU, she attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City, receiving her DDS degree. You can read more about her by clicking HERE.

You will still find the same smiling faces and exceptional care at our office. Dr. Jon Reagan is happy to share his passion for dentistry as well as his passion for Neosho with Dr. Nine.

Dr. Anna Nine

Join us in welcoming her to the #NeoshoSmiles family!

Using Smiles to Change the World

Check out this blog from Dr. Reagan about his summer mission trip to Belize! It is so rewarding to be in the smile business! 🙂

This was our 7th year for my family to travel to Belize with the North Belize Medical Mission. Every year it is said, “This is the best year ever!” and this year I really think it was. The team was great! Kim Camerer was able to go for a 4th time. After talking over the years about it to our patients we even had some join the team as well.

We saw just under 1,000 patients over the course of the week. The highlight was showing the health care workers how to place a sealant to reduce cavities in their village. This was a 1st in the country of Belize. Family Dentistry was “using their smiles to change the world”!

IMG_2979 IMG_3160

Words from Our Patients

Patient - Neosho, MO

Dr. Reagan and the Family Dentistry of Neosho team are so excited that our patients feel at HOME in our office! What a great review! 🙂


If you are a patient of ours and would like to leave us a review, simply go to our Google+ page by clicking HERE or our Facebook page by clicking HERE and write your review. Thank you!

Touchdown Smiles Contest!

Touchdown Smiles Contest!
We want to see your beautiful football smiles cheering on your favorite team! Enter the Family Dentistry Touchdown Smiles Contest and win the ultimate football fan gift basket filled with all you need for your next game!
Here’s how:
1. Take a picture of you, your family, or your friends supporting your favorite football team in your football gear – make sure to show off that smile!
2. Post the picture to our Facebook page and tag #NeoshoSmiles
3. Post the picture to Instagram for an extra entry and tag @FamilyDentistryNeosho
Good luck to you and your teams!

Family Dentistry of Neosho goes to Belize!

This was our 6th year to go to Belize, with the North Belize Medical Missions. We travel each day to a different village, from our “home base” in Corozal Belize. This year we delivered care as a group, to almost 1100 patients. Medical, nurses, eye, lab, dental and pharmacy all participate.

Dental was very popular this year. We actually saved more teeth than in years past. One day we filled and sealed 53 teeth! Decay is prevalent in this area of Belize. Sugar cane is also the main crop. What strikes me most is how happy everyone was. Some didn’t have much. Some lived in what we would think of as a “fort” we built in the back yard. But they were happy. Perhaps there is a lesson there for us, we can be happy with less.

It reminds us of how truly blessed we are.

FDN-Belize Trip1FDN-Belize Trip2

February is Children’s Dental Health Month!

Family Dentistry of Neosho loves the month of February because it is Children’s Dental Health Month! We believe it is important to educate kids on why it is important to take good care of their teeth and teach them good dental health habits.


Here are some dental health tips you should always follow:

1. Take your children in for their first dental visit at their first birthday.
2. Encourage them to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day.
3. Visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning & exam after the initial visit.
4. Avoid giving kids sugary snacks and help them maintain a balanced diet to keep their teeth healthy!