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Lose a Tooth, Save Your Smile

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Tooth Extractions Can Be the Best Thing for Your Oral Health

When you’re experiencing tooth pain, it can be one of the most intensely uncomfortable sensations you’ll ever know. If tooth decay reaches a nerve, eating, drinking, and even sleeping can become unbearable. Sometimes, the solution is as simple and minimally invasive as having a cavity filled. Other times, when the deterioration has reached an advanced level, searing tooth pain is an indication that the tooth is severely infected. In these extreme cases, the only feasible course of action for us may be to remove the entire tooth. If you do need tooth extractions, count on our family here at Family Dentistry of Neosho to provide the combination of professionalism and compassion you need to feel fully at ease about the procedure.

Reasons For A Tooth Extraction

  • Eliminate severe decay
  • Prepare for dental implants
  • Treat disease or infection
  • Repair oral trauma damage
  • Remove stubborn baby teeth

Don’t Fear the Dentist

Tooth extractions are very straightforward and relatively painless procedures in the skilled hands of Dr. Jon Reagan, Dr. Anna Nine and our team. We’ll numb the area of your tooth extractions before beginning the procedure. Afterwards, we can provide any medications or additional care you might need to ensure you heal fully and properly. Our goal is to make you feel as secure as possible, both through the use of medications, and through the exceptionally relaxing, comfortable environment of our Neosho, MO office.

Jenkins Dental Neosho, MO

Take the Next Step After Tooth Extractions: Dental Implants

Your problem teeth are gone, but what’s next? With missing teeth you’re compromising your facial esthetics and the functioning of your mouth, leaving the bone underneath the extracted teeth and the teeth surrounding the extraction site vulnerable to decay. Dental implants help you prevent all of those problems. These are a sturdy tooth substitute that recreate the look and function of your natural teeth, but that are designed to last a lifetime. 

Get rid of persistent tooth pain for good.