Belize 2019

The 25th Anniversary of the NBMM and our 11th year in Belize did not disappoint in multiple ways. It was a smaller, but mighty team this year. We all kicked in and over the course of the hotter than usual week we say almost 1,100 patients and 265 dental patients. Our dental team had been together previous years so all knew how to be efficient. We set up our clinics in schools that are out for the summer and each room had a different part of the clinic. Dental is one of the last to see the patients as they come through the clinic. We worked long hours every day in conditions most could not. Let’s just say there was no air conditioning, 106 degree days with 100% humidity. We made it!!

The day before we leave each year, is a fun day and this year a group of us went zip lining and cave tubing. That was a blast!! We stopped at a place called Cheers and had the best brownie and cinnamon roll ever. While we were there we noticed t-shirts from all over the world hanging everywhere in Cheers. Not to be outdone, one from our group donated her “Neosho Smiles” t-shirt and we all signed it. Today it is proudly hanging in Cheers! You just never know where a Neosho Smiles t-shirt will pop up!

Take your Neosho Smiles t-shirt on your next adventure, take a picture, and share it with us on Facebook!



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