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The Benefits of Dental Implants Are Priceless

Dental implants represent an investment in new teeth, but they’re also an investment in some benefits that you can’t put a price on: restored confidence and a more fulfilling life. Once your implants are placed, you’ll be able to enjoy normal activities such as eating, speaking, laughing, and smiling almost immediately. Consider also that dental implants have a more natural look than most tooth replacement options and are the most durable by far. With proper maintenance, including regular check-ups at our Neosho, MO office, they can last a lifetime! When you factor all of these advantages together, it’s difficult to calculate their true value. Read on for a few specific factors that directly impact the cost of dental implants.

Procedures That Affect the Cost of Dental Implants

Dental implants are anchored in your jawbone, so your jawbone must be intact and healthy before you can get implants. If decay has caused your jawbone to deteriorate, we can take a small portion of bone from another part of your body or a donor source and place it in the area of the jawbone loss during a bone grafting procedure. This will eventually fuse with your jaw, restoring it and allowing us to place your dental implants.

Dental implants aren’t only used to replace missing teeth, they can also replace teeth that are decayed beyond repair. If you have infected or severely damaged teeth still in your mouth, we will need to remove them in order to clear space for your dental implant(s).

Do you need a single dental implant or full arch dental implants placed? The total cost of your treatment is dependent on the number of implants you require. A higher number means a proportionally higher cost.

Let’s Talk Specifics

The best way to determine the cost of your dental implants is by coming in to Family Dentistry of Neosho for a one-on-one, personalized consultation with Dr. Jon Reagan. Dr. Reagan is a highly trained and skilled general practitioner with extensive experience in placing dental implants, and he performs that procedure regularly right here in our Neosho, MO office. During your consultation, he can discuss the specific factors that may figure into your final price, including the condition of your other teeth and gums and your overall oral health. This may require an initial examination of your mouth. Any additional services you might need can be provided right here by our in-house team.

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Dr. Reagan talks about what determines the cost of dental implants

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