modern dentistry

Dr. Reagan Celebrates 25 years

This year I will celebrate 25 years of work in the dental profession. Over the years there have been many exciting developments. Dentistry has never been a job for me, it is a passion, and I still love it!

In 2016 my dental career changed again when our Invisalign representative suggested I include their training in my continuing education schedule. Since then I have been on a journey that has certainly changed what I can do to help my patients. I consider myself a lifelong learner “junkie.” Learning something new such as this opened my eyes to another world of dental technology and the possibilities for those who have entrusted their dental care to me.

modern dentistry

We can offer Invisalign without fear of age! Invisalign is for all ages and most needs. Today’s processes cut the 24+ months of traditional braces, to 3-6 months of Invisalign aligners. The accelerated Invisalign process has certainly changed the world of orthodontic treatment. How exciting for all who NEED and/or WANT orthodontic treatment.

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