National Dental Health Month

February is National Dental Health Month

For most of us in the dental profession, we enjoy this time of year. National Dental Health Month (NDHM) is a time set aside to be out in the community and schools. This year we adopted a Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten class. These children were unafraid and asked all kinds of questions about their teeth. They answered a few as well.

We counted the 20 primary teeth that four and five year olds should have. As a group, they made me smile for sure. Parents, be sure to test the Dental IQ of your four, five and six year olds. They are sure to give you a laugh!

National Dental Health Month

While we concentrate on meeting the needs and concerns of our younger patients, by answering all of their questions, parents are encouraged to begin early with good dental habits. Parents are more than welcome to communicate with our highly-trained staff about your family’s dental needs. Send us an email, Facebook or Twitter message and we will respond to your questions.

For the pet lovers out there…

Your furry family friends need dental checkups, too! Take them to your vet and have their teeth and gums checked regularly.

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