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A Single Day Can Change Your Smile Forever

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Full Arch Dental Implants Are a Revelation

It used to be that having no teeth or even just a few missing teeth meant many trips to the dentist before you could enjoy a full, healthy set of teeth again. Full arch dental implants changed that. Now you can leave our Neosho, MO office with fully functional, dependable, and natural-looking replacement teeth—for your entire mouth—after a single visit. Using high-precision guided technology, Dr. Jon Reagan can permanently place dental implants and restore your smile and facial aesthetics with a custom, full arch prosthetic. Complete function and proper oral health is possible. Full arch dental implants may be the solution to take you there.

What to Expect

Always considering not only how your final smile will look and function but your experience on the path to reaching it, we put our patients at ease with open communication and relaxing sedation dentistry. After your treatment site has been numbed, we precisely place four to eight dental implant posts into your jawbone using guided implant surgery technology. The number of implants will depend on your specific needs. In some cases, we’re able to restore your final restoration and in others, you can leave the same visit with a set of temporary teeth that will enable you to eat, speak, and do everything else that a complete, fully-functioning smile allows. After your jawbone has a chance to heal, it will form a lasting bond with each implant post through a process called osseointegration. Follow-up appointments and cleanings at our family practice will ensure your smile remains healthy and lasts a lifetime!

Jenkins Dental Neosho, MO

Your Future State

  • Restore complete oral function
  • Show off stunning new teeth
  • Enjoy more of your favorite foods
  • Laugh, smile and speak without worry
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Protect your jawbone health

Full-Service Care for Full Arch Dental Implants

As an all-in-one family dental practice, we offer a full menu of dental services in a single convenient location to ensure you meet the right criteria for lasting dental implants. Before receiving your full arch dental implants transformation, decayed or severely damaged teeth may be extracted. Dr. Reagan can usually perform tooth extractions during the very same visit that he places your dental implants. Bone grafting treatment may also be recommended in order to ensure the stability and long-term reliability of your dental implants. Bone grafting can rebuild your jawbone if you’ve suffered significant bone loss in that area. During this procedure, Dr. Reagan takes a small portion of bone from either a donor source or another part of your body and places it where your jawbone has decayed. The bone graft will ultimately fuse with your jaw, restoring it and making you an ideal candidate for full arch dental implants.

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