What is Respect?

As you know, we have been posting about our Five Core Values. This week we want to share our thoughts on RESPECT and what it means to our team members.

Julie G.:

“A feeling of admiration and Respect for valuing each others points of view.”

Jaime F.:

“Respect is important to me. I Respect everybody’s time because I know how busy we all are.”

Diana D.:

“I would hope you would be Respectful to my thoughts, wishes and feelings.”

Danette D.:

“Showing patients that we have Respect for them by holding them in high regard.”

Kim C.:

“Recognizing the patients needs, feelings and wants; Keeping in mind the importance of being on time.”

Kim S.:

“I Respect what Dr. Reagan says about my oral health and wellness.”

Mercedese B.:

“I think it is important to show Respect not only toward each other, but toward the patient.”

Heather M.:

“To Respect people’s time when they are in the office, and the decisions they make to take care of their mouth and body.”

Dr. Reagan:

“We feel this is so important, time is something we don’t get back! We strive to spend all the time allotted to you during your appointment. We run on time so we are respecting your time. If your appointment is at 9am you can expect to be seated at 9am.”

Now that you know what “Respect” means to us, we want to hear what it means to you. We would love to hear your comments on how you found “Respect” at Family Dentistry of Neosho. Did we show you respect?

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